• The school teaches Chinese (Mandarin), spoken and written, with simplified characters. Our classes range from Reception to GCSE level.
  • The teaching staff plan and prepare schemes of work to ensure key topics across the curriculum are delivered through use of creative activities to encourage pupil participation.
  • Pupils in Reception focus on reading and writing basic Chinese characters and stroke sequence through classroom activities such as singing and drawing.
  • Year 1 use 《中文》,《汉语拼音》and set of reading books and Year 2 to Year 7 use 《轻松学中文》
  • GCSE classes are delivered over two years.. During the first year pupils study topics contained within the GCSE curriculum, followed by a more focused approached to exam techniques and materials in their second year.
  • We have three terms during the year, and we operate Saturdays from 1.30pm to 3.45 pm with half an hour break at 2.30pm.
  • Pupils sit two internal exams a year to assess their learning progress and achievement.
  • We hold two parent consultation meetings to allow parents the opportunity to meet the class teacher to discuss their child's progress.